A Crash Course In Everything beauty and business school will not teach you!


Are you looking to start your own beauty business and need a nudge in the right direction?

Do you have an existing beauty business and want to stand out of the crowd?

Are you a mompreneur struggling to find balance?

The full set is a crash course on everything beauty and business school will not teach you! It provides clear, easy to understand and implement business lessons and tips for the 21st-century beauty entrepreneur.

Abraham delicately balances the struggles as an everyday Nigerian woman in business ranging from motherhood, postpartum depression to daylight robbery. A tell it as it is, no holds barred memoir on the intricacies of running a beauty business.


Why You Should Read This book

An eye opening encounter of a misunderstood industry - spa and wellness.

Improved structure of your personal brand and your business.

An insight into the hushed experiences of motherhood.

A clear understanding of the peculiarities of running a business in Nigeria

Guide to finding balance as a mother and a business owner.


Excellence Joshua


As soon as I picked up the “The Full Set”, I could not not drop it. I’m not particularly in the beauty industry but in the medical and technology space and I was blown.

This is a complete manual: theoretical and practical. Thank you Ameera for pouring yourself into this. Everyone who desires to build a sustainable business in Nigeria needs this.


I have learnt! It gave me clarity for my own business particularly ‘a clarity of purpose’... light bulbs came on. A good read for every business owner.


Sam Obafemi (Coach Sam)

President, SOBCA

When Ameera asked me to read the manuscript of THE FULL SET, I did not know what to expect. Especially because she had been initially apprehensive about becoming an author. But what I got from reading the book far outweighs what I anticipated.

This book is a BOOTSTRAPPER’S GUIDE TO DOING BUSINESS THE REAL WAY. In this book is no pretense nor is there any pampering. Chapter after chapter, Ameera is vulnerable, practical, and very blunt. She chronicles her personal life and weaves it into a systematic business experience that is needed, not only by her industry enthusiasts but also by all of us.

The Full Set is a manual. Not a book. It is a guide. Not a one-off read. It is easy to underrate the book and that would be a huge deficit.

I hope you use this book to increase your reach, richness, and ability to prosper. Enjoy The Full Set.


Ameera Abraham is the CEO & Spa Director of The Nail Bar, a luxury nail spa and wellness centre and the founder of Nigeria’s premier professional nail care brand Amali Cosmetics. 

She also serves as the Director of Communications at the Spa and Wellness Association of Africa. 

She is a qualified beauty therapist, holds a BA in Politics and International Relations and a CIBTAC Diploma in Spa Management. Outside of her professional life, Ameera enjoys reading, yoga, volunteering and bonding with her children. 

She is an advocate of women and children’s rights & enlightening and empowering women in their various fields of life.